Hot Pot Broth &
Soup Base Packets

Vegan or Meat: Classic Hot Pot Broth Packets Catering to All Tastes

S.J. Asia’s hot pot broth packet comes in a variety of flavored options to create the greatest satisfaction. For the classic mala soup base, S.J. Asia offers both vegan and meat hot pot soup base packets.

Both vegan and meat flavors feature the original recipe, with a diverse selection of chili peppers and premium Sichuan peppercorns of the highest quality.

S.J. Asia’s Hot Pot Soup Base Packets: Easy, Delicious, Diverse

The hot pot soup base packets are designed to be easy to use and safe for storage. All ingredients are cooked and ground into the finest texture ready for dilution into your hot pot broth. With non-spicy options, S.J. Asia offers classic tomato and curry hot pot soup pockets for the Japanese-style broth, too. Explore the variety of hot pot broth packets at S.J. Asia product line to create exquisite menu selections.

hot pot broth packet 01
hot pot broth packet 02
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